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Swing on the spiral

Of our divinity...And still be a human

18 July 1989
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Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.

December 24th 9pm eastern standard time, from here on in i shoot without a script, see if anything comes of it instead of my old shit.

I watch you tap the blood in my vein
My heart you feed on to keep you sustained
A parasite that leaves me cold and drained

Someone says "Here we go"
And the pain dies as the lights come down.

And take my wings and I still roam.
Break my glass and break my bones and I'll be beside you.

I wanna rip you open while you're laughing at me
It'd be the last day I was happy

They don't love you anymore
Blood trails blacknails

Won't you believe it
It's just my luck

Alternate my wires
Heat my core desire
I will not stand for condemnation
I’ve become the volts
To lead the revolt
Fuck with me ensues certain danger

I've been made a pet.
A chain one mile long.
Bleed me every hour.
Keep me from growing strong.

take me away sister, won't you lead me astray sister?"
was my taste not as sweet?
As your tongue wanted.

How can you accept social suppresion
This weak state of mind in our time
I demand release from hypocrisy
I'd rather die than be held down, forced down
Freedom or fire

Look in his eyes and see the disease.
But in his mind he's free and clean

This is the last time, I will never feel this way again.
I'm gonna see that swollen river take my wretched body in.


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